500cc Oxygen Absorbers – Packs of (10) Scavengers (10) (100 Total Absorbers)

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Package Quantity:10 Contains: • (100) 500cc Oxygen Absorbers• A .PDF copy of our ‘8-Page Guide to Long Term Food Storage’• Oxygen Indicator insures freshness• Tips and links to more information Oxygen AbsorbersShieldPro oxygen absorbers absorb 200% to 300% of their rating. And only ShieldPro rotates all our oxygen absorbers monthly, much faster than other sellers who take half a year or more to clear a shipment, ensuring you have the freshest oxygen absorbers available. Use 1 500cc oxygen absorber packet in each 1 Gallon Mylar Bag. Use 2 500cc oxygen absorbers for a 2 gallon Mylar Bag.  Use 4 500cc oxygen absorber for a 5 gallon Mylar Bag. Why Use Oxygen Absorbers? Prevents mold growth Prevents oxidation of fats Prevents microbial growth Prevents discoloration The ShieldPro Platinum Guarantee ShieldPro is committed to your success, and offers a full money-back guarantee on any product, for any reason. If you have questions, you are welcome to reach out to our food storage experts, and we also include links to online information and frequently asked questions to help you understand the food storage process.


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