300cc Oxygen Absorbers for Long Term Food Storage – 25 with PackFreshUSA LTFS Guide

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Size:25 Contains: • 300cc Oxygen Absorbers• Oxygen Indicator• Long-Term Food Storage Guide PackFreshUSA Oxygen AbsorbersPackFreshUSA Oxygen Absorbers are guaranteed to absorb at least 180% of their rating, giving you a buffer of safety. Each package contains an oxygen indicator to guarantee freshness and we include our Long-Term Food Storage Guide with every purchase containing a chart to help you know how many absorbers you should be using for your project. You are always welcome to send us your questions as well! Easy OAP Guide These sizes will work for ALL food types: 100cc for a pint 300cc for a quart 500cc for a gallon 2500cc for a 5 gallon (All of our Mylar sets now include these amounts) PackFreshUSA Long-Term Food Storage Guide This guide is your gift from the food science professionals here at PackFresh and contains knowledge you will not find anywhere else. This 3rd edition contains directions, more information and tips, plus a new section on a special process to avoid freezer-burn. The PackFresh PromiseWe guarantee than you will receive your order through rain, sleet, or gloom of night and you will be completely confident in the security of food stored with our products or we will give you a complete refund – always!


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