21 Day Efficient Nutrition Portion Control Containers Kit (7-Piece) + COMPLETE GUIDE + 21 DAY PLANNER + RECIPE eBOOK, BPA FREE Color Coded Meal Prep System for Diet and Weight Loss

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It’s Now Even Easier To Lose Weight With Your 7-piece Portion Controlled Container System!Do you want outstanding results in just 21 days? With Efficient Nutrition’s Portion Control Container set, that’s as simple, and fast as it gets! Your reusable food storage set is designed with 7 food containers, color-coded to show you exactly how much of each basic food group you need daily. This effortless system helps you work out your calorie needs for weight loss. Then, the portion controlled containers provide you with the right amounts without any weighing or measuring! And your shopping list allows you to choose YOUR favorite foods, without boring dieting.Say Goodbye To Calorie Counting, Diet Restriction And StarvationNo More Annoying Weighing And Measuring. The reason why most diets don’t work, is that they’re, tricky, restrictive or time consuming. When it comes to losing weight, simple works best. Your seven color-coded containers provide you with exactly the right portions every single day. We’ve made it impossible for you to eat too much (or too little). Fill them to the brim, as explained in your Food Plan – and watch the weight drop. And as an added bonus, by owning multiple container sets, you can simplify the system even further! Imagine, having days worth of food prepped in advance, allowing you to grab n go with the same ease as a convenience store.Everything You Need Is Provided For You To Start Immediately Here’s Exactly What You Will Receive:  7 Color-coded portion specific containers. Reusable and easy to clean Secure lids, with grooved corners for easy, fast removal Non-toxic (BPA free), food grade plastic. Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe Quick Start Instructions, so you can get going, immediately 21 Day Meal Planner Ebook 50+ Page Recipe Ebook Enjoy delicious salads and hot cooked meals without spending hours searching for the right recipes. Simply pop your ingredients into your portion controlled containers and follow these simple ideas.The 3-Step Easy Way To Lose Weight In 21 Days (…Or Less)1) Choose Your Weight Loss Calorie Target Using the easy to follow guide – spend just 60 seconds to calculate your correct weight loss calories.  You will identify your calorie baseline using your weight and Efficient Nutrition’s calorie multiplier tool. Then, find your maintenance calories, and finally your weight loss target. Easy. Everything is listed clearly for you on the guide, making the calculation fast and simple. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to see how many portions you’ll be eating daily. The hardest part will be trying to decide what tasty foods you’ll choose from your varied shopping list! But we’ve even made that easy, as we’ll also send you a 50 page Recipe Book full of delicious ideas. … Like sticky, Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas, Mouthwatering Meatloaf Mexi Muffins Or the sweet and delightful Pineapple, Coconut, Chia Overnight Oats. Life is far too short, and busy for complicated meal plans. So, order your Portion Controlled Container Sets now and ease your way into a slim lifestyle.2) Identify Your Daily Container Needs Your color-coded chart tells you exactly how many containers you’ll need for your target calories. Each container is specifically portion sized, so you know that you won’t over eat or under eat for your metabolism. Each day you’ll eat: Vegetables, Proteins, Carbs, Fruits, Fats and Even Seeds and Dressings. No restrictions! Simply fill your container to the brim and enjoy the ease of knowing you’ve got your portions 100% correct. For example, on the 1200 calorie plan you’ll eat the following:  3 green vege containers 2 purple containers for fruit 4 red protein containers 2 yellows for carbs 1 blue for fats And 1 orange, for seeds and dressings No guesswork. If you can cram it in, you can eat it! Top Nutritionists agree that preparation equals greater success and reduces the urge to grab unhealthy snacks. With two or three container sets you can prep food in advance and have your own easy ‘grab n go’ options. Rice or Waffles, it’s no problem, just fill the ‘carb’ containers up with whichever you feel like on the day. Love Carrots, but hate Artichokes? That’s ok, choose your favourite vegetables and load up your ‘vege’ containers. And are you sick of diets that restrict salad dressings? Now you don’t have to. Fill up your ‘seeds and dressings’ container guilt free. You’ll also enjoy multiple portions of fruits, and calorie burning proteins! Imagine; pancakes, greek yoghurt and strawberries for breakfast followed by a tasty salad lunch of lettuce, tomato, snowpeas and carrots, with an olive oil dressing, feta cheese and turkey slices. And that’s just on the 1200 calorie level, and without using up all your container portions yet! It’s surprising what you can do with the right knowledge. Did someone say diet? Not here. This is real life weight loss – order today.


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