12-Piece Set Glass Food Storage Containers, 2-Cup Bowls with Lids (6 Bowls and 6 Lids) – Bundled with Cloth

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Don’t waste your money on food storage containers that won’t last! Instead, go with a name you trust and purchase this 6 piece set of Pyrex Glass Food Storage Containers with 3 (2 cup capacity) round containers and 3 seal-tight lids. These containers are made of gorgeous clear, nonporous glass that won’t warp, stain, or absorb odors. Store your grandmother’s Bolognese recipe in the container one day and put cream cheese frosting in it the next—with no fear of garlicky after notes or greasy red stains. Food simply tastes fresher, cleaner and more delicious stored in Pyrex glass! The benefits of glass food storage containers are life-saving; Because glass is BPA free, you can rest-assured that the containers are not transferring any harmful chemicals to your loved ones food. A kitchen staple for almost 100 years, Pyrex glass’ quality is unsurpassed; glassware is sturdy and proven to last longer than foil and plastic food storage containers. Seal-tight lids stay put and keep foods fresh making these containers ideal for taking food on the go. Containers are stackable for easy and convenient storage that doesn’t overly consume precious cupboard space. These containers are ideal for meal prep and portion control and are great for storing lunches, salads, sides, fruit, pet food, and even craft supplies! Our glass containers are microwave, dishwasher, oven (not broiler), and freezer safe! Made in America! Bundled with exclusive paksh novelty cloth


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